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Welcome to the Digital Church Summit 2019

Digital Church is the largest annual event where Pastors, Church Workers and Christian Organizations are trained and equipped with digital marketing solutions, online tools and technological innovations to enable them to promote their ministries, spread the gospel, manage their activities and reach out to their target audience.

Summit Segments

1. Digital Pastors Breakfast (7:30am – 9:30am): An interactive and engaging breakfast session exclusively for training Pastors and Church Leaders on how they can use technology and innovation to promote and enhance their ministry. This is by INVITATION ONLY or buying the Church Group Package.

2. Digital Church Summit (10:00am – 4:00pm): This is open to Church workers who are in the media, communication and production departments. It is also open to anyone who wants to learn how the Church can use digital innovations. This session is made up of presentations, masterclasses and colloquiums. Rate is Ghs450 only (Presentations, Masterclasses, Buffet Lunch, Colloquium and Materials).

Want to Participate?

Empower your church or ministry with digital innovations. Participants will learn how to:

  • Promote Church activities and events using Digital Marketing Channels.
  • Manage various departments of the Church or Organisations.
  • Use Digital Marketing Channels effectively as a Pastor, Church Leader or Church Worker.
  • Effectively manage all the online assets of your Churches or Organizations
  • Use Church Management Software to manage members and departments.
  • Use or integrate online payment and e-commerce into online platforms.
  • Broadcast Church activities and events live on Social Media accounts, websites and other online platforms.
[Church Package]

Full Day

    • Starts at 10:00am
    • Presentations
    • Masterclasses
    • Buffet Lunch
    • Colloquium
    • Event Materials
    • 3 Summit Tickets
    • 2 Free Digital Pastors Breakfast Invitations
[Individual Package]

Full Day

  • Starts at 10:00am
  • 1 Summit Ticket
  • Presentations
  • Masterclasses
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Colloquium
  • Event Materials
Event Sessions

Digital Pastors Breakfast

An interactive and engaging breakfast session exclusively for training Pastors and Church Leaders on how they can use technology and innovation to promote and enhance their ministry.


An intensive and practical session where participants are trained on key thematic topics facilitated by industry professions and strategists.


A panel discussion session where industry professionals and practitioners are engaged to share insights on various relevant topics and trends.


To showcase digital marketing solutions, technological innovations, church management software, applications and gadgets.
The Package

Content Areas

Focus will be placed on the need for Churches and Christian Organizations to integrate and implement digital marketing tools and strategies respectively into their activities and management. Additionally, the Churches will be taught how they can use digital solutions and technologies.

Churches and Christian Organizations who do not use social media will be guided to develop simple social media strategy and setup their accounts. All participants will be trained in various elements of social media marketing so they can be effective in managing their presence more effectively.

The mobile platform is becoming the primary channel for accessing digital applications and social media platforms. Participants will be taught how to use the mobile platform to engage their target audience and also broadcast their contents. Mobile messaging, mobile apps, QR codes and SMS marketing are some of the areas which will be covered.

This is a special session which will feature Church Management applications and software the participants can use to manage their members, departments and Church services. Developers of the apps and solutions will do short presentations as well as exhibit their apps.

Churches and the organizations will be trained in how to sell books, sermons, DVDs and CDs, as well as collect payments via their online assets using Online Payments or Mobile Money. Accounts will be created for the Churches who wants to start collecting payments online or via Mobile Money.

Podcasting is smart way of broadcasting your messages in audio forms to diverse audience across the nations of the world. Participants will learning how to publish audio contents as podcasts, how to manage and promote podcasts. They will learn how to do electronic publishing of books as well.

Since content is the life of online interactions, participants will be treated to the various content types, formats and contexts to use to interact with their audience and package their messages. They will also learn how to develop and manage contents across the various digital marketing channels. Participants will learn the power of photography and its role in communicating the brand or messages of the church.

Experts and strategists will teach the technical teams from the participating Churches on how to manage projections during Church services and also broadcast across various channels. They will learn how to do live video streaming to Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and their websites.

One key requisite requirements for becoming a Digital Church or Christian Organization is having a fully-equipped, resourced and managed Digital Media Department. They will be taught the resources, equipment and competences needed to setup and manage the Digital Media Department. Discount deals will be arranged with partner companies and suppliers for the participating Churches.

Participants will learn how communication is critical in creating an endearing and engaging presence across their digital assets. They will learn how to develop and implement communication plans for their ministries.

Who Can Attend

  1. Churches: The major Orthodox and Charismatic
    Churches who need to use technology and innovative solutions to manage their huge membership, management team and branches across the country and nations.
  2. Christian Organizations: These are organizations which promote Christian Religion or use Christian principles to provide services to their target audiences.
  3. Tech Equipment and Software Retailers: Businesses, companies and institutions who retail Digital Media equipment, applications and software to Churches and Christian Organizations.

Figures from First Edition. We had over:

Pastors/Church Leaders
Christian Organizations
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